Lincolnshire Kiln Dried Firewood for local areas

Local Spalding Delivery Service

If you live within 15 miles of Spalding, you’re eligible for our local delivery service!
Our base is here in Spalding, so we are proud to offer our local customers and businesses a preferential price.  Full details are shown below.
To order please call or text John 07940912227 or email

Local Lincolnshire Firewood Pricing

If you live in Spalding, Pinchbeck, Holbeach, West Pincbbeck, Boston, Market Deeping, Wisbech, Leverington and other local areas, take advantage of our extra Low Prices!

Best Local Customer Service

Our service is renown in the area for being of the best quality.  Don’t hesitate to call us or contact our customer service team if you have specific requirement.

Lincolnshire Area Firewood Pricing

Any orders placed via email will receive 1 x free bag of kindling worth £2.50

Bulk bag of kiln dried hardwood 10” logs 1 = £75 / 2 or more £70 each

Bulk bag of kiln dried softwood 10” logs 1 = £70 / 2 or more £65 each

Nets (supplied in pallets of 40 or 80 )

Hardwood nets £3 each (40 pallet £120 / 80 pallet £240) – hardwood nets are red

Softwood nets £2.50 each (40 pallet £100 / 80 pallet £200) – softwood nets are green

Special printed plastic bags of kiln dried hardwood £3 each ( pallets of 70 bags) £210 per pallet

Kiln dried Kindling in printed plastic bag 1 – 9 £2.50 each / 10 or more £2 each / pallet of 300 = £450