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Choosing the right firewood can be a daunting task, and when you start considering what might be right for a wood burning stove may not be suitable at all for an open fire you would be forgiven for getting a little confused, wood is after all wood isn’t it?

We have done our best to give you the simple pointers needed to decide what wood is best for you and your appliance.

Firewood for an Open Fire either in a house or outside in a Firepit or Chimenea

Unfortunately open fires are not as efficient as modern wood burning stoves, the reason for this being that they can draw as much air into the fire as they require and unlike a wood burning stove you cannot close down the inlet air. Now this is fine and open fires have been used for a very long time, but to get the best out of your open fire you are better to use larger logs as they will burn for longer, if you use lots of small logs they will burn very quickly and you could be buying unnecessarily high volumes of logs. The biggest mistake would be to use unseasoned logs as they will last longer due to their high moisture content but not give you the heat, also you will end up building up soot and tar in your chimney which could lead to a chimney fire!

Firewood for a wood burning stove or for cooking in a wood fired oven

It’s in appliances such as ovens and wood burning stoves where kiln dried logs really come into there own, our logs have a guaranteed moisture content of below 20% and commonly a lot less. This means all the heat the log has to offer is given to your room and not wasted evaporating the logs own high moisture content. Also our kiln dried logs will burn cleanly and efficiently with no blackening of the glass or build ups of soot or tar in the chimney. All our logs are completely ready to burn, you will however have to sit back, relax and enjoy your fire.

Log storage

All our logs are completely ready to burn, you will have to store them in a suitable place. Dependant on space and how you have chosen to buy your logs you could do as little as put a tarpaulin over the bag to keep them dry, or we recommend wherever possible moving them to you log store or garage.

Firewood log storage

Seasoned logs

Because the process of seasoning logs can be very inconsistent, you could end up paying for partially seasoned logs that when you burn them use a lot of their energy evaporating excess moisture, this is energy that should be being turned into heat for your room. Also burning wet or partially seasoned logs greatly reduces the life of you stove and chimney, knowing this we don’t believe anyone can afford not to burn Kiln Dried Logs!

Log Size

The vast majority of our logs are processed into lengths of 25cm (+/-10%) as this size is the most common in the UK and will fit 99% of our customers appliances whether that be an open fire or modern log burning stove. We can provide logs up to 55cm long for large fires or even down to 20cm for very small fires, if you have any questions or need any information on cut to size logs please get in touch through our contact us page on the website.

Buying firewood logs online

Different ways to buy your logs

Our bulk bags do what they say on the tin, they are quite simply a bulk bag of loose filled logs. These come in 0.8m3 or 1.6m3 quantities, our small bags hold a volume of 0.02m3 the logs in the bags however are stacked neatly by hand with minimal air gaps which means you get more logs than if you were to loose fill like a bulk bag.

Whether you prefer your logs pre packed by hand into our handy bags or loose filled into bulk bags is completely down to you, to see how the different amounts of logs add up see below.

0.8m3 bag holds 0.8m3 loose logs

1.6m3 bag holds 1.6m3 loose logs

30 handy bags hold 1.02 m3 loose logs

50 handy bags hold 1.7   m3 loose logs

70 handy bags hold 2.38 m3 loose logs

Visit our Firewood Logs page and choose your desired size of handy bags.

How much firewood do I need?

This is such a common question but one that can never really be answered; some people use there stove 12 hours a day and some for only 2 hours, combine this with some houses having no insulation and another being a new build with lots of insulation and the quantities can differ massively.

We say that most people with moderate use of there fire will use between 2 – 4 m3 of logs each winter.

Our guide is no matter how many logs you burn you will need about 6-7 sticks of kindling and a natural firelighter for every time you light your fire.

Moisture Content

We have covered this above but just remember all our logs are ready to burn and guaranteed less than 20% moisture content. When you knock quality dried logs together you get a nice hollow sound. A lot of people are now buying cheap moisture meters, they are extremely inaccurate we do check our logs with expensive calibrated moisture meters. We suggest you buy from us and let us worry about drying the logs leaving you to enjoy them.

Chimney Cleaning

Don’t forget to get your chimney cleaned at least once per year and always use an approved chimney sweep.



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