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Well nearly, but this BBQ season everyone should cook with wood – good decent Firewood.

Using Firewood for your BBQ season

Firewood is by far the best material to cook on, nothing else can give you that authentic flavor. So many top restaurants are now cooking on wood, and after a recent skiing trip to Italy I remember why! Every restaurant was serving up freshly cooked pizza from a red hot pizza oven running on kiln dried firewood, top quality cuisine in ready meal beating time thanks to unrivaled heat.

bbq season lincolnshire firewood logs

If you haven’t barbequed on wood before this BBQ season is the time to try, hardwood such as oak, beech and ash are best as they provide long cooking times with good even heat. Plenty of time to cook for all the family.

There are so many top tips available for cooking on wood but here are my top five for the best firewood for your BBQ, and setting it all up correctly this season:

  • Wait for flames to calm – cook on the embers for best results
  • Large joints or thick meats should be shown high heat at first to seal in the juices then moved away to cook slowly and throughout
  • Stay away from any chemical based fire igniters – our natural firelighters won’t taint your food
  • Wood must be dry – cooking on wet wood is a nonstarter get your Firewood here.
  • My top tip is to invest in a rotisserie for your barbeque, you wont regret it and you’ll soon be out there in the rain with shorts and flip flops on pretending your Australian cooking the best chicken you’ve had in years !

rotisserie bbq season firewood

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