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BBQ season is upon us

rotisserie bbq firewood

Well nearly, but this BBQ season everyone should cook with wood – good decent Firewood. Using Firewood for your BBQ season Firewood is by far the best material to cook on, nothing else can give you that authentic flavor. So many top restaurants are now cooking on wood, and after a recent skiing trip to Italy I remember why! Every…

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Top ten woods for burning

There are many different types of wood available for burning – it can be quite overwhelming. Note: all links to external sites will open in a separate window for your convenience. The top ten woods for log fire burning Apple Wood A very good wood that burns slow and steady, it has small flame size, and does not produce sparking…

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Sustainable British firewood

sustainable british firewood

So it’s Christmas day and we’re having dinner, it’s really cosy because the log burner is going nicely next to us. We got on to the subject of the log burner keeping it really nice and my daughter turns and asks me is burning wood really sustainable and carbon neutral? Firstly I said it’s almost carbon neutral, fuels like coal…

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